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General Aviation Awareness Council

Message from our Chairman, Charles Henry

The GAAC is the most representative UK body in General Aviation and is recognised as such by Government, the CAA and others to be the organisation that speaks for General Aviation on planning and environmental issues and we intend to widen our ‘awareness’ campaign to other issues where there is consensus.

If you have a question on anything from flying model aircraft to planning a new airfield we hope to provide you with an answer. If you can’t find the answer here, then contact us and one of our member organisations will respond.

You can find out just how important is General Aviation to the community and to keeping ‘green’ spaces green.

For schools we have educational information and many of our members offer special facilities from visits to local airfields and pleasure flights to arranging for helicopter visits to your sports field.

To protect our environment we know that we must provide the information and knowledge that many planners and local authorities fail to consider when approached by developers wishing to change the use of your local airfield.

There are fears about the building of new airports and while these are not the concern of General Aviation, we realise that similar fears exist about our smaller aerodromes which can only be allayed by the full understanding, consultation and involvement of those concerned (click here for planning information).

Information about Safeguarding of Airfields can be found HERE and Planning guidance can be found HERE


We need also to learn from you and we look forward to receiving your views on GA (click here to contact us).


The Objectives of the GAAC are to:

* EXPLAIN the nature of the GA Industry.

* PROMOTE its Purpose and Value.

* PROTECT its Facilities (e.g. Aerodromes).

* ENSURE its Future.

The UK General Aviation associations, supported by commercial and professional bodies, established the GAAC to try to ensure that GA activity in the UK does not decline, while elsewhere, particularly in Europe, its expansion – whether in business flying, pilot training, sport, recreation or other forms – is publicly and privately encouraged.

The critical factors for the future growth of UK General Aviation are the need for protect aerodromes, and to create new airfields strategically sited to serve areas of economic development and with enough free airspace in which to operate safely and efficiently.

In recent years, GAAC has worked closely with the All Party Parliamentary Group for General Aviation to strengthen the concept of a Network of Airfields, with some early wins including clauses in the National Planning Policy Framework that require the economic value of airfields to be considered in planning decisions.

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