AERODROMES UPDATE   (Updated 5 March 2018)

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Current Status
Andrewsfield Braintree, Colchester and Tendring Councils are co-operating in developing a Local Plan for North-East Essex with an area including Andrewsfield airfield, earmarked for a garden community with ultimately 10,000 homes.  The definitive Local Plan is the subject of Public Examination with the hearings on garden communities held in January 2018.


Resident Upward Bound Trust Gliding Club given notice to quit – site earmarked in Aylesbury Vale District Council emerging Local Plan for housing / economic development.
Blackpool Balfour-Beatty sold their 95% interest in the airport and associated land to Blackpool Council (who held the remaining 5% interest) for £4.25 million with funds for the purchase coming from the sale of airport land for industrial purposes. A masterplan for both the adjoining Enterprise Zone and airport has been adopted ensuring continued airport operations until at least 2040.
Bourn Site earmarked for 3,200 homes in current draft Local Plan by South Cambridgeshire District Council.  The draft Plan was the subject of Public Examination by a Planning Inspector with specific hearings on the proposals for Bourn airfield held on 4 April 2017.
Chalgrove Airfield occupied and operated by Martin-Baker Aircraft (MBA) has been transferred from the MoD to Homes England (previously the Homes and Communities Agency).  Site included in South Oxfordshire District definitive Local Plan public consultation document for a 3,000 home development with a new runway for MBA operations.  Consultation ended on 30 November 2017.  Media reports that Homes England will use their CPO powers if current negotiations with MBA, who wish to expand their on-site operations, about the development are unsuccessful.
Deenethorpe Site accepted under the Government’s Garden Village scheme for development with up to 1,500 homes which development is supported by the Brudenell Estate, the site owner. Public consultations on a proposed site masterplan commenced in March 2018 prior to a planning application being made in Autumn 2018.
Dunsfold Planning application for mixed use development with 1,800 homes on site approved by Waverley Borough Council on 14 December 2016.  Local Parish Council representations caused the application to be called in for a Public Inquiry and the Planning Inspector’s report was submitted to Central Government on 12 October 2017 with a decision now expected on or before 15 March 2018.
Elvington York City Council Local Plan public consultation document issued on 18 September 2017 included a development of up to 3,330 dwellings partly occupying the middle section of the Elvington airfield runway.  The consultation ended on 30 October 2017 with final Local Plan consultation now on-going between February and April 2018.
Fairoaks Surrey Heath Council made a confidential, unsuccessful bid to establish a Garden Village with 1,500 homes on site under Government scheme.  Tenants advised later of proposal and public consultations started in February 2017 with planning application originally planned for submission late in 2017.  A local group opposing the Garden Village proposal presented an alternative scheme (“Fairoaks 2020”) that retains the airfield at public meetings held in January 2018
Halfpenny Green (Wolverhampton Business Airport) Aerodrome sold to MCR Property Group an investment and development company focused on commercial and residential real estate.  The Group expected to complete an initial study by Autumn 2017 of future airport income and investment that reportedly excludes housing on the site.  A tenant has written to MCR inviting them to consider a consortium to run the aerodrome.
Hullavington The former RAF Hullavington airfield site has been sold to Dyson Ltd who has planning permission to renovate two existing Type D hangars as research centres. An outline planning application for a site masterplan is expected later in 2018.
Kemble Commercial Estates Group (CEG) proposal to build a 2,000 home sustainable village on this ‘brownfield’ site as an alternative to the draft Cotswold District Local Plan proposal for a greenfield site near Cirencester.  Definitive Local Plan was submitted for Public Examination in June 2017 and public hearings started on 10 October 2017.
Long Marston Airfield is designated in Stratford-on-Avon emerging Local Plan for housing and has Garden Village approval.  Public consultation on a Supplementary Planning Document for the site ended on 1 December 2017.  Developer is Cala Homes in conjunction with site owner.  Refer to entry for Wellesbourne Mountford on page 3.




River Oak Strategic Partners will apply in Spring 2018 for a Development Consent Order for the aerodrome as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project.  Site owners are consulting on a revised masterplan for mixed use which retains 1,199 metres of the existing runway; relocates the existing aviation museums and provides homes with runway access.  A planning application for the revised scheme is expected to be made early in 2018. Thanet District Council has rejected the definitive Local Plan submission for mixed use development of the site.
MoD Sites               The following MoD aerodrome sites are planned for disposal in the years indicated:
Abingdon 2029 Site earmarked for Garden Village style development with ultimately 4,000 homes in Vale of White Horse District Council document for which consultation ended on 22 November 2017.
Alconbury 2023 Major part of site already being developed with 5,000 homes.
Arbroath 2020 RMB Condor airfield – Press report that Angus Council will be given the site for a 2,500 home development.
Brawdy 2024 Cawdor barracks
Chivenor 2027 Local Government agencies have been lobbying to keep a military presence at this RM barracks.
Colerne 2018 Airfield sale being delayed to coincide with sale of adjoining Azimghur Barracks in 2031.  Local business interest in maintaining the airfield for aviation purposes.
Dishforth 2031 Airfield site being disposed of but not included for any development in any emerging Local Plan but expected to be considered during first 5 year review of the definitive plan.
Halton 2022 Aylesbury Vale District Council’s definitive Local Plan issued for public consultation does not include the airfield for any development.
Henlow 2020 Site earmarked for mixed use development in Central Bedfordshire Council draft Local Plan out for consultation ending on 22 February 2018.
Mildenhall 2024 Forest Heath District Council Vision & Prospectus document for the site retains the aviation facilities including the runway.
Molesworth 2024 When vacated by the USAF, site due to be transferred to Homes England and currently earmarked to be cleared for housing.  Site has been included in a recent Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment conducted by Huntingdonshire District Council.
North Luffenham 2021 Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and Rutland County Council discussing Garden Village proposal for this site.
Wethersfield 2020 Airfield site being transferred to Homes England in 2020.  The resident 614 Volunteer Gliding Squadron is moving to the former RAF Swanton Morley (now Robertson Barracks) which is also due for closure in 2031.
Woodbridge 2027 Rock barracks
Wyton 2018 Airfield is being sold off – DIO and local property developer Crest Nicholson proposal for up to 4,500 homes on site.  Due to road infrastructure issues, site deleted from Huntingdonshire District Council definitive 2036 Local Plan for mixed use development including housing
North Denes The airfield (also known as Yarmouth Heliport) with two grass runways has been put up for sale having been disused since 2015 on the cessation of North Sea helicopter operations.
Nottingham City


With the support of the land owner, site earmarked for up to 4,000 homes in Local Plan Core Strategy adopted by Rushcliffe Borough Council after approval from Planning Inspector.  Public consultation completed into Local Plan preferred sites (other than Core Strategy sites) options.
Old Sarum Site owner’s proposal for housing development and 10 additional hangars amongst other work, objected to by various parties as detrimental to the site’s heritage and potentially limiting use of the airfield.  After prolonged discussion with Wiltshire Council with no decision forthcoming, an appeal has been made to the Planning Inspectorate for non-determination of the application.
Panshanger Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council definitive Local Plan allows the opportunity for a realigned grass runway on land to north of previous runway 11/29.  Definitive Local Plan subject to on-going Public Examination with specific hearings concerning the aerodrome site taking place on 20 February 2018.  Two separate parties seeking to re-open the aerodrome and one of these parties have submitted an outline planning application to reinstate the aerodrome.


Peterborough / Sibson Huntingdonshire District Council submitted an unsuccessful bid for a 2,500 home Garden Village on site.  The Council subsequently withdrew their support for the proposal.   However, the site is listed in the Council’s recent Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment.
Plymouth FlyPlymouth, a local social enterprise aerodrome support group, plans to reopen the aerodrome and start regional airline services.  Sutton Harbour Holdings, the site lease holder, have proposed a mixed use development although the definitive Plymouth City / South-West Devon Joint Local Plan retains the site for aviation.  The definitive Local Plan was submitted on 31 July 2017 for Public Examination with specific hearings on the Airport held in February 2018.
Redhill Land owner and Thakeham Homes, a local housing developer, have proposed a 6,000 to 8,000 home garden village on the site and adjacent land.  Tandridge District Council public consultation on four potential garden village sites including Redhill ended on 9 October 2017.  A further Local Plan consultation is expected later in 2018.  The current draft Local Plan currently earmarks Redhill for employment purposes and notes that it is in the Green Belt with a high risk of surface water flooding.
Wellesbourne Mountford Gladman Developments in conjunction with the owner have proposed a housing development with 1,600 homes on the site although the Stratford-on-Avon Local Plan Core Strategy has earmarked Long Marston airfield as a preferred housing development site.  The Core Strategy after approval by a Planning Inspector has been adopted by the Council and states that “The aviation related functions at Wellesbourne Airfield will have been retained and enhanced”.  Tenants previously notified by owner that flying activities would cease in December 2016 but the airfield remains open pending the result of court action by the tenants to obtain new leases.  The District Council has formally rescinded the owner’s permitted development rights for the airfield and is seeking to negotiate a possible purchase of the site.
Wycombe Air Park Site lease holder (Helicopter Aircraft Holdings Ltd) has agreed new leases with the land owner, Wycombe District Council (WDC).  Draft Local Plan provides for an industrial / warehousing complex on south-eastern part of the site resulting in loss of a runway and relocation of gliding activities.  The draft plan has been issued for public consultation which ended on 27 November 2017 and the Council expect to submit the definitive plan for public examination in March 2018.
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