The GAAC is the most representative UK body in General Aviation. It is recognised by the Government, the CAA, and others to be the organisation that speaks for General Aviation on planning and environmental issues.
It represents the interests of General Aviation in the UK, with a particular focus on Airfields and their interests. They face many challenges, and we support them from the early days when they are first established, to dealing with planning issues and challenges from neighboring landowners, developers, etc.
No, but it does focus on representing the interests of GA/Airfields to Parliament/Government and Regulators (CAA).
The GAAC has supporters which include almost all UK General and Sport Aviation Associations.
For example, AOPA, The LAA, BMAA, BWPA, BGA, and so on. Around 40 in total. Please see About Us / Contributors & Supporters on this website.
No the GAAC is a non-profit making organisation.