No, not that EC!

We mean Electronic Conspicuity… not EC/EU and Brexit, as negotiations continue to get a post-Brexit trade deal for the UK.

The CAA, fresh from saying it was offering 50% rebates on EC devices to encourage more widespread adoption, has published a special edition of its Clued Up magazine on the subject.

See also GAAC Key Issues / Electronic Conspicuity.

Ian Sheppard

Ian Sheppard acts as Communications Adviser to GAAC including maintaining the website and issuing GAAC Alerts, and associated Social Media. Ian is based at Redhill Aerodrome. A graduate in Aeronautical Engineering, he has been an aviation journalist and editor for many publications, including editing AOPA UK's magazine, and editing international show dailies for AIN. He has legal qualifications and maintains a strong interest in law and regulation. Ian has a CPL with a FI Rating.
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