Yesterday the UK government released its Aviation Green Paper, including a chapter dedicated to GA, and at the same time Byron Davies and York Aviation released their Reports on work to establish a strategic network of UK airfields (please click below each PDF to view pages within this site).


This evening is the APPG for GA Recepton at the Houses of Parliament, where Byron Davies and Grant Schapps will no doubt welcome this progress.

Ian Sheppard

Ian Sheppard is an aviation journalist and pilot based at Redhill Aerodrome, near London Gatwick Airport. Ian graduated in aeronautical engineering from the University of Bath in 1992, and after postgraduate studies in avionics and flight dynamics at Cranfield, worked for the Royal Aeronautical Society in the 90s. He has been a reporter for Flight International and Aviation International News, where he is currently Senior Editor - International, and News Editor for GA Buyer Europe magazine. Before that he edited AOPA UK's magazine, the ERA magazine and African Aerospace. Ian worked for Airclaims, 2000-4, before gaining legal qualifications, but decided to continue in aviation media rather than become a lawyer. He has a CPL and FI having originally learned to fly in 1991.
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