The following is a non-exhaustive list of the main airfields and airports in the British Isles. The current total on this list is 126. Please let us know if there are any airfields that are missing which you feel should be included.

In late March 2020 many airfields closed temporarily due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Department of Transport on 15th May issued a notice allowing restricted GA flying again, and on Friday 26th June the DfT issued a note saying Flight Training could resume on 4th July, with details to follow by then of recommended precautions.

The list below is gradually reflecting the return to flying status of airfields, as we check websites and receive information.

Please always check NOTAMs AND AIRFIELD WEBSITES (see links below) for the latest situation and instructions. Please also notify us at if the status of your airfield has changed.

Alderney – “Before flying to Alderney/Guernsey please check the latest government travel advice/instructions here. All arrivals must self isolate on arrival for 14 days regardless of symptoms or point of origin. The Alderney Fly-In scheduled for 26-28th June 2020 has been cancelled. The Alderney Island Air Races have been cancelled along with the whole 2020 season.”

Andrewsfield – Latest update on website was dated 18th July 2020. “We are slowly expanding our risk assessment to allow visiting aircraft to visit but MUST PPR by telephone for approval and information. The Millibar will be open offering limited refreshments. Call 01371 856744.

Bagby – Bagby’s main runway on 06-24 is now open after work on strengthening the crossover points to the new hangars has been completed.
The airfield is now subject to strict planning conditions which resulted from its being granting planning approval after a long legal process. The number of movements is constrained in a number of ways. In summary, home-based aircraft have greater flexibility on flying hours. All aircraft must have a CAA/EASA/FAA noise certificate and this must be below certain thresholds (with some exemptions some ex-military aircraft). Movements are limited by category of aircraft and types of operation e.g. circuits. There are limitations of the total numbers of aircraft per day, per week, per month and per year split by fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Further details are available on the airfield website. Needless to say, PPR is now required for all movements.

Balado Bridge – Website states closed as of 24th March.

Barra – See Inverness (HIAL).

Barton – Latest update, dated 28th July 2020, says City Airport Manchester (Barton) is open to visiting aircraft from August, from Tuesday to Sunday, 9am-6pm (local time). It is also available outside these hours for specific Emergency Services, military flights, and other pre-approved essential flights. For further details please see the airfield’s Return to Flying Page — in summary, Barton has now entered Phase 3b of its reopening plan – meaning public access with some limitations; while the Flying Schools have started Trial Lessons / Pleasure Flights again.

Battersea Heliport – Having closed to most flights from 30th March until 26th May, The London Heliport is now open 07:00 – 23:00 (7 days a week)
With normal hours for arrivals & departures being Monday – Friday 07:30 – 19:30 and Weekend & Bank Holidays 08:00 – 18:00. With prior arrangement extended operating hours from 07:00 until 22:59 (local times) are available.

Beccles – Website says little but presumably training and other flying are back up and running. Best call to find out!

Bembridge – Airfield re-opened to visiting aircraft on 23rd May 2020. The website home page now has full details and instructions. PPR mandatory via online form. Sadly the Propeller Inn remains closed.

Benbecula – See Inverness (HIAL).

Beverley – Jolly website from Hull Aero Club but still nothing on website yet about COVID-19. Could be starting to get back to normal? Check NOTAMS…

Biggin Hill – London Biggin Hill Airport is fully operational.

Bicester – Airfield seems to be more oriented to motor sport heritage now. Bicester gliding club is moving out. Its website as of 8th June still stated that “as of 24th March 2020, “DUE TO COVID-19 ALL FLYING OF TRIAL LESSONS HAS BEEN SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.”

Blackbushe – Posted a Notice saying Phase 1 of reopening started on Tuesday 19th May. See website for further details.

Blackpool – Website said as of 2nd June that the airport is open. “Blackpool Airport has remained open throughout the difficult past few months, maintaining and providing air services to both emergency operators and specialist aviation companies throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. As the Government begins to lift restrictions, we wanted you to know we’re operating a normal service for those wishing to fly to and from Blackpool Airport, with appropriate safety measures in place in accordance with Government guidance and advice from the relevant health authorities. The Airport is able to provide a full service to GA and corporate traffic, including fuel services for JETA1 and AVGAS, and direct entry to north-west England. We also deliver expert services for SAR, offshore, military and emergency services aircraft. Please contact the Airport Manager for enquiries or to arrange a visit:

Bodmin – Website states: “Bodmin Airfield is open to Cornwall Flying Club members from Monday 18th May and hopes to be able to welcome visitors in the coming weeks.”

Booker (Wycombe Air Park) – 24th March Notice from CEO Sean Brown, still on the website on 8th June, stated: “I am announcing that all BEA group Companies are temporarily closing for a few weeks until the government relaxes its instructions in relation to social distancing. This is in response to the national coronavirus pandemic. Airways Aero Associations Ltd, Booker Aviation, Heli Air Ltd and Heli Air Scotland Ltd, will all be closed as of today.” However, GAAC understands that some flying has restarted.

Boston – As of 25th March there was not yet any mention of COVID-19. Same when checked on 8th June.

Bourn – Nice website and lovely development plans posted 1st March but nothing since that. Nothing on the site about COVID-19 (as of March 25th, and 8th June when checked again).

Breighton – Note on website from Charles Sunter, chairman, Real Aeroplane Club, now says: I am delighted to confirm that Breighton airfield has now reopened… while updated government coronavirus advice does mean that recreational GA flying is now allowed, in practice this means that only solo flights, or flights where everyone is from the same household, are permitted. This is because it’s not generally possible to observe social distancing during a GA flight. Please visit the airfield’s website to read the notes e.g. the Club House is closed, and there is no café.

Brimpton – Airfield website as of 8th June says (undated): “Brimpton Airfield is now Open. All Payment by PayPal or contactless,  no cash. Government guidance on COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing shall apply at all times. No food or drinks available onsite. You are welcome to bring your own and have a picnic but please take your rubbish away when you depart. The club room unfortunately shall remain closed to visitors at this time. Pilots are reminded that Brimpton operates in Restricted Area R101, any aircraft attempting to use the runway without PPR will be classed as an infringement. Thank you.”

Bristol – As of 8th June The Bristol and Wessex Flying Club website still stated: “Please Note: We are currently closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, stay up to date with our latest news and updates on our social media channels and blog.” Also, see Bristol Flying Club although as of 8th June there was no mention of COVID-19.

Caernarfon – Website still had no mention of COVID-19 as of 8th June but states airfield is “strictly PPR” (Prior Permission Required).

Cambridge – Remained open for General and Business Aviation flights, and altered its operating hours from 1st June: “Important Notice – As of 1st June 2020, we are extending our operating hours. We will now be open 7 days a week from 10:00 – 18:00. Considerations will be given to flights outside of these hours following a formal request through Cambridge Jet Centre.”

Campbeltown – See Inverness (HIAL).

Cardiff – As of early April 2020 notice on website stated “Cardiff Airport is closely following guidance provided by the relevant authorities in relation to updated procedures for COVID-19. If you are due to travel, please contact your airline or travel agent for information – do not travel to the airport.”  Notice was unchanged as of 8th June.

Carlisle Lake District Airport – As of 8th April, Notice on Website said: “Closed until further notice from 1st April due to the COVID-19 epidemic.” This notice was still in place on 8th June 2020.

Chiltern Park – Confirmed to GAAC that airfield was among the first to close (around 24th March 2020). As of 8th June, nothing on the website suggested this has changed.

Clacton – Nothing evident on website about COVID-19 as of 25th March, and the same on 8th June when checked again. Best to call and check NOTAMS.

Compton Abbas – Compton opened for aircraft to visit from Wednesday 20th May. Pilots MUST PPR via email. Temporary opening hours are 1000 – 1600 Wednesday to Sunday. Airfield management stated: “We will respond by email with information regarding the Coronavirus measures we have implemented that you must read before you attend the airfield, and follow.”

Coventry – as of March 24th there was nothing on the airfield website yet about temporary closure. Same when checked on 8th June 2020.

Cranfield – as of March 24th there was nothing on the airfield website yet about temporary closure. Same status on 8th June. Last news on website was 19th February 2020.

Denham – Airfield reported on 16th April that it remains open for restricted operations, but every flight requires PPR from the Aerodrome Manager.
A couple of helicopters are doing survey work for Network Rail; another helicopter is carrying out filming for news channels; and there are some maintenance flights for helicopters that will be involved in a new resilience unit. There have also been a few flights bringing British nationals back to UK, or taking French nationals home, etc..

Derby – Derby Airfield and the Derby Aero Club are owned and operated by Airspeed Aviation Ltd. The airfield management confirmed it closed on 23th March. As of 8th June, there was nothing on the website to indicate it had reopened.

Doncaster Sheffield – NOTAM 2nd April running to end of June says: “Aerodrome Closed due to COVID-19 infection prevention. No tower service available, RFFS CAT 0. Approved out of hours CAT A/B operators not affected for departures only.”

Dornoch Airfield – Believed to be still open as of 25th March, but website asks pilots to email “to confirm permission to land, giving your estimated date and time of arrival.”

Dundee – See Inverness (Highlands & Islands Airports Limited).

Dunkeswell – as of March 24th there was nothing on the airfield website yet about temporary closure. However it is known to have closed temporarily. As of 8th June the airfield’s website had still not been updated but it is possible there is now some flying activity. Please call and check NOTAMS.

Dunsfold – Dunsfold has requested GAAC to direct visitors to their website relating to operations and anything else.

Durham Tees Valley – Notice on website states: “All flights to and from Teeside Airport from 24th March at 1800 are suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.” It says this includes all airline operations (e.g. Eastern Airways).

Duxford – Imperial War Museum sites are still closed but as of 8th June the airfield at Duxford had reopened for recreational flying. Please see website for full details.

Eaglescott – Website states: “DUE TO THE CURRENT SITUATION THE AIRFIELD IS CLOSED TO ALL VISITORS BY ROAD. If you wish to receive further information about the Airfield or our Club, consult the pages of our website or email. All Flying School Aircraft and Trial flights are currently suspended due to the ongoing situation. If you have an existing flight booked for this year or one of our own vouchers then rest assured that they will all be honoured and available to be rebooked when flying recommences.”

Earl’s Colne – GAAC has been told Earl’s Colne airfield has closed though as of 25th March there was nothing announced on the website.

Easter – Though planned fly-in (Easter@Easter, 11-12 April) has been cancelled the airfield is believed to have remained open (PPR only) – as of 25th March 2020.

East Kirkby – website stated on 26th March: “The Centre has been forced to close following recent Government measures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.”


Enstone – as of 25th March there was nothing on the airfield’s website about COVID-19.

Eshott – as of 25th March there was nothing on the airfield’s website about COVID-19.

Exeter – A quieter place with Flybe gone, but 19th May 2020 update states: “The airport is still open between 09:00-17:00 local and 20:00-03:00, Monday to Friday, for instrument and approach training, cargo aircraft, FBO, fuel, and aircraft parking for a range of aircraft. Proactive measures we have taken at Exeter Airport include enhanced monitoring of flights and early liaison with airlines; additional awareness signage in the terminal; the provision of hand sanitiser dispenser locations across the airport and enhanced cleaning procedures. We continue to follow the guidance received from the relevant government agencies including Public Health England to ensure that we provide the latest and most accurate information. Thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to welcoming you on your future travels.”

Fairoaks – The airport (as of late May) is open Wednesday to Saturday, 8am-6pm, with air traffic and fire cover available, and closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday although flights are permitted seven days per week. Tower unmanned 1000 and 1030 (local), 1230 and 1330, and 1530 and 1600 on the days when the airport is open. During these closures circuit flying will not be permitted and pilots are discouraged, but not prohibited, from taking off or landing. When the airport is closed flights are still permitted but circuit flying is prohibited and no services shall be available therefore fuel and aircraft movements in or out of the hangar will not be available but can be requested in advance. All flights strictly PPR by telephone to 07521 902370 (monitored 9am to 5pm). PPR requests can be made in advance or on the day of the flight. Each flight shall be issued with a slot time which must be adhered to. The slot shall be a one-hour period during which the aircraft must take-off, however pilots may arrive at the airfield at any time prior to the start of the slot. Any requests to fly prior to 8am or after 6pm, and prior to 10am on Sundays, must be made by email to Pilots must either complete an out-of-hours form for any take-off or landing when the tower is closed or send the same information by email to General note: Pilots must not visit the tower. Payments for fuel can either be made at the bowser or by telephone to 01276 857300 or 01276 857700.

Farnborough – Airport confirmed on 25th March that is open. Note on website said: “Farnborough Airport is continuing to follow medical, clinically driven, advice from the relevant authorities on what measures are required and effective to deal with COVID-19.” Farnborough is purely business aviation, mainly business jets, and has no flight schools, GA clubs or based light aircraft. It was recently bought by Australia’s Macquarie Group from TAG.

Fenland – Secretary, Fenland Aero Club says Fenland (EGCL) is “operational with strict limitations.” The runways are open conditional published NOTAM. Available with prior arrangement for rotary able to self-fuel Jet A1. AVGAS and UL91 is still available self-service until further notice (caution highlighted for water checks as per local notices). Clubhouse and other facilities are closed until further notice. Aircraft requiring RFFS on licensed runways 18/26 is unavailable.

Fife – Nothing about COVID-19 on the airfield website as of 26th March.

Full Sutton – On 25th March there was nothing yet on the Full Sutton website about COVID-19. Known to have closed apart from for emergency / military with PPR.

Gatwick – Website on 27th June stated: “All flights to and from Gatwick are operating from the North Terminal as a temporary measure. This includes Ryanair, Wizz Air and Belavia passengers who would normally travel from South Terminal. Please bring a face covering and follow our advice for staying safe while travelling through our airport.”

Gloucester (Staverton) – As of 27th June website stated: “WE ARE OPEN FOR ALL HOMEBASED AND NON-HOMEBASED AIRCRAFT FROM 27TH JUNE 0900-1800.”

Goodwood – Post in mid-May and still in place on 27th June stated: “It is with great excitement that Goodwood Aerodrome is re-opening from Tuesday 19th May on a phased basis for home-based and visiting aircraft. The opening times are 0900L-1700L Tuesday to Saturday. We are closed Sunday and Monday and to out of hours movements.”

Guernsey – website states “COVID-19 (Coronavirus) travel advice can be found at”

Haverfordwest – Told GAAC on 27th March: “We are currently closed to all non-essential movements with PPR essential (as NOTAM’d).” Notice to this effect was still in place on the airfield’s website as of 27th June 2020.

Hawarden – SERCO operating notice on the website is the only sign things have changed. Posted on 19th March it states: “Please find below opening times for the airport until further notice O745 to 1930 Monday to Friday, 0830 to 1800 Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays. Contact ATC On 01244 522012 for further information.”

Headcorn (Lashenden) – Website stated (as of 27th June): “As of Monday 18/05/2020 we are open to both home-based aircraft and visitors. The flying school is still closed and we will update you on this in due course. All on ground facilities are closed as part of the site is cordoned off and being used as a COVID-19 Assessment centre. All flights and visits are strictly PPR by email to with at least 24 hour’s notice. Landing fees can be paid by telephone once we have confirmed your slot. Please avoid overflying any built-up areas. Circuits practice now available with PPR. Opening hours are 10:00 to 17:00 BST. Fuel is available with advance notice. We are unlicenced and RFFS is not available. The Air Ground Radio service (Headcorn Radio 122.210) may not be operational at all times so if you do not get a reply, please make blind calls to “Headcorn Traffic”. The Holding Point Cafe is now open for visiting pilots – takeaway only.”

Heathrow – Not your usual GA airport but at the moment both small and large aircraft are operating in and out, with a huge increase in cargo, including medical supplies. There are still some repatriation flights running, and some scheduled passenger flights. Only one runway is operating but (as of 8th April) Heathrow is OPEN.

Henstridge – Notice on website as of 27th June stated: “Henstridge Airfield will be re-open for visiting traffic on Saturdays and Sundays going forward, from 9am-5pm. The Airfield will remain closed to visitors during the week, except with strict prior approval. As we cannot provide facilities during the week a limited menu of takeaway food will be available, as will toilet facilities, on Saturdays and Sundays. Landing fees will be charged at £5 for microlights and £10 for everything else. Please bring cash as card facilities will not be available, and put the fee in the box on the signing in desk… UL91 and 100LL are available at £1.55 per litre including VAT. Please use the gloves provided, fill the book in, take one of our Bank Detail slips and transfer the money when you get home. PLEASE don’t come if you are at any risk of having Covid 19! PLEASE respect all the social distancing recommendations whilst you are with us. AND if you are contacted by the new trace system in the 14 days after your visit Please let us know immediately.”

Humberside – Website Notice as at 27th June stated: “Updated 22 May 2020. Humberside Airport remains open for flights …We are currently assessing what additional measures may be required to facilitate the safe resumption of international air travel and we will communicate any additional requirements to passengers as soon as these are known. Given the current restrictions on travel and the subsequent reduced number of flights, we have adjusted our airport opening times to the following: Mon-Weds 08:00 – 17:00, Thu 09:30 – 17:00, Fri 09:30 – 16:00. Weekend opening is by prior agreement.”

Inverness – Airfield operational as of March 25th but handling agent (Highland Aviation) closed. Highlands and Islands Airports Limited said it was reviewing the operating hours at each of its 11 airports to accommodate current airline timetables while at the same time maintaining staff resilience to ensure lifeline services can continue. HIAL’s airports are Stornoway, Benbecula, Barra, Tiree, Islay, Campbeltown, Dundee, Inverness, Wick John O’Groats, Sumburgh, and Kirkwall.

Islay – See Inverness (HIAL)

Isle of Man (Ronaldsway) – Isle of Man government website says “All passengers arriving in the Isle of Man from midnight on Tuesday 17 March will be required to self-isolate for 14 days. Please see for more information. The Isle of Man closed its borders to non-residents from 9am on Monday 23 March 2020 to help contain the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. This measure is based on clinical advice. Only people resident in the Isle of Man will be able to enter the Island, with checks being made at the air and sea ports.”

Isles of Scilly – The Council of the Isles of Scilly is posting updates on its own website. As of 25th March there was nothing specific relating to the airport but on the Isles of Scilly Travel website it states: “All Skybus flights from Exeter and Newquay Airports are cancelled. We will provide a very limited Skybus service from Land’s End Airport to transport essential key workers only.”

Jersey – Government website says “With effect from 00:01 on Friday 20 March all travellers, including health-care workers, arriving in Jersey must now self-isolate for 14 days. This includes the UK, Guernsey, Europe and the rest of the world and applies whether or not travellers are displaying flu-like symptoms.”

Kemble – Website stated on 27th June that Cotswold Airport (Kemble) partially re-opened on 9th June, Tues/Weds/Thurs, 1000-1500hrs, as the first stage in its 4-stage COVID19 recovery plan. PPR only, AV8 cafe closed.

Lasham – Website note posted 7th June (still live 27th June) stated solo flights for members permitted but gliding courses and trial lessons remain suspended.

Kirkwall – See Inverness (HIAL)

Land’s End – Land’s End Airport told GAAC on 27th March: ” We are continuing to provide the lifeline service to the Isles of Scilly – both freight and essential key workers only. We have reduced operating hours (Mon-Fri: 0900-1230, 1300-1700 and Sat: 0900-1200 and Sunday: Closed). Visiting aircraft only permitted in line with Government guidance regarding essential travel – pilots will be questioned and details taken by ATC during the mandatory PPR telephone call (as per our NOTAM).”

Leeds East – Leeds East Airport (EGCM) reported on 22nd April that it is “open 7 days a week 0830 – 1800hrs, with self service Avgas and JetA1 available.” Current NOTAM states airfield is unlicensed. For further information, please contact the FBO Manager on 01937 534194.

Lee-on-Solent (Solent Airport) – Website stated on 27th June: “Recent Government guidelines have changed to allow GA flights to resume. Cafe @ 05 is open for takeaway only and the Viewing Area adjacent to the Café is closed until further notice. The airport remains open for all services. However, the Airport has reduced its RFFS capability to Fire and Rescue (CAT A1) and Air-Ground Communication Service will be NOTAM’d during times of no available Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officers. The Airport Management has requested that in an effort to protect staff, all non-urgent visitors refrain from visiting the Control Tower. For further information please contact Martyn Francis, Airport Manager on

Leicester – As if 27th June website stated that from May 15th, “Updated government coronavirus advice means that recreational GA flying is now allowed. The club fleet and all training will remain suspended until further guidance is issued.” And on May 26th the following was added: “The airfield will be open to visiting pilots normal hours, Wednesday to Sunday from May 28th (including Thursday evenings until 8pm). Closed Monday & Tuesday. The café is serving a limited menu to be delivered to our picnic benches and picnic area below the tower. AvGas is available at £1.75 per litre and air/ground radio and fire service are operating. All sensible social distancing measures are encouraged, including the use of contactless payment (please avoid cash).”

London City Airport – On 25th March London City Airport “temporarily” suspended commercial and private flights saying this situation is expected to last until the end of April. The airport in fact didn’t see another commercial flight until BA3287 on Sunday 21st June when BA CityFlyer started to reconnect the Isle of Man and London with a daily flights between London City Airport and Douglas (Ronaldsway). The Isle of Man has no cases of COVID now so restaurants etc are open as normal (as of mid-June) but those flying in have to isolate for 14 days.

Lydd – Notice posted on the website on 15th June 2020 stated: “Following the government’s guidelines, the aerodrome still remains closed, but we continue to look at Wednesday 1st July to re-open and will keep you updated if there are any changes. All based operators and visiting aircraft please monitor the NOTAMs (updated accordingly) for current aerodrome status. Essential & Medivac flights may be accommodated with prior permission – please contact the aerodrome Duty Manager on 07944 809868. We look forward to seeing you all again very soon.”

Main Hall Farm (near Cambridge) As of Thursday 28th May 2020, Main Hall Farm Airfield, Cambridge, is now OPEN again. PLEASE PPR.

Manston – Currently closed anyway, with plans to open as a Cargo Hub later in 2020 after plans from River Oak approved. Link is for Airport Supporter Site. Updates can be found in the GAAC Aerodrome Updates.

Maypole – Maypole Airfield (near Canterbury in Kent) is “closed except for emergency flights.”  Airfield operator told GAAC on 22nd April 2020 that “Limited ‘essential’ flights are possible for residents in accordance with the latest CAA information.”

Newquay – Notice on website as of 25th March stated: “Our terminal is temporarily closed, with all scheduled flights to and from the Airport suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Aerodrome remains open to support vital services such as the Cornwall Air Ambulance, HM Coastguard Search and Rescue, and Military operations. Where possible our staff will be redeployed to support the wider response within Cornwall, through the Corserv group of companies.”

Newtownards – A COVID-19 Update Notice dated 23/03/2020 states: “Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the Ulster Flying Club has taken the decision to close until further notice. The Committee, after consultation with medical advisers, club accounts, and in accordance with the recommendations of the U.K. and local governments, has decided that in the best interest of all staff, students, members, and the general public that the UFC will close until further notice. This decision has not been taken lightly as we have tried to maintain the training of students and provide the PPL members with the facility but unfortunately due to the severity of this virus and its continued progress, the committee has taken this action and decided to close.

North Weald – Closed apart from for emergency services.

Norwich – Airlines have various COVID-19 notices on the airport website. SaxonAir provides handling for business aviation. As of 25th March its website said (dated 6th March): “We are operating as normal whilst taking necessary measures to implement increased health and sanitary standards. If you have any concerns, please get in touch with us at or phone our team on 01603 518 119.”

Nottingham – Both Nottingham Tatenhill and Tollerton are Closed.

Oban – Closed to GA (only operating for scheduled island flights).

Old Buckenham – Somewhat buried on the website is the notice: “COVID-19. SORRY BUT WE’RE COMPLETELY CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.”

Old Sarum – In early 2020 the airfield had opened again only for parachute dropping flights. However on 24th March a notice on the website stated: “Old Sarum Airfield is now closed to ALL movements.”

Old Warden – Website says closed until further notice due to waterlogging.

Otherton – One of the airfield directors, Alex Jermaine-Crowley, said on 25th March: “Like many others [Otherton] is unfortunately closed at present following the government announcement this week.”

Oxford – London Oxford Airport remains fully operational. From 8th June hours are 07:00 to 20:30 seven days a week with extensions to 22:30 on request. The intention is to get back to original hours by end of the summer (06:30-22:30, seven days, with extensions from 06:00 to midnight on request). Fuel: Avgas £1.18+VAT, Jet A1 42.50p+VAT. ATC: All as per promulgated in AIP – ATC: Tower/Approach/Radar + Ground from 1st July when (if!) busy. Should you need further clarification on any operational matters, please call/e-mail OXF Operations on +44(0)1865 290 662 /

Pembrey – Nothing evident on website about COVID-19, as of March 24th.

Perranporth – Known to be closed as of 25th March but website does not yet say this.

Peterborough (Conington) – as of 24th March nothing on website about COVID-19.

Popham – GAAC visited on 28th May. Airfield reopened on Sunday 24th May and is now open 10am – 5pm, 7 days a week. Please see website for further details and to PPR. Pilots please note noise abatement as there have already been complaints about aircraft flying straight out on runway 26 and straight in on runway 08, over-flying the noise-sensitive areas. Departing 26 requires a 275-degree track and arriving 08 requires reciprocal for arrival to fly north of bungalow; For departing 08 use 050 track from upwind end and final Runway 26 dogleg to stay north of the petrol filling station on the A303. As always, please check airfield website, procedures in latest guides and NOTAMS.

Redhill – Redhill Aerodrome is OPEN and has remained open through the crisis with limited flying. Aerodrome management issued a notice on 15th May acknowledging the new Government Guidelines on a return to recreational flying. Redhill’s notice states among other things: “Pilots wishing to fly from Redhill between now and 31 May 2020 must obtain PPR for outbound and inbound flights, even if you are based at the Aerodrome. This should be done by email or telephone 01737 821802. Email is the preferred means of contact.”

Retford (Gamston) – As of 24th March, no mention of COVID-19.

Rochester – website says: “24th March 2020. Following recent events the airport is now shut for recreational flights and visitors. We are, however, remaining with a skeleton crew for refuelling essential public service flights. This will be reviewed and we will be following published guidelines. Thank you for your understanding and keep safe out there!”

Sandown – As of 24th March there was nothing on the airport website about COVID-19.

Sandtoft – Nothing on airfield website as of 31st March about COVID-19.

Seething – As of 24th March there was nothing on the airport website about COVID-19 apart from a notice stating: “Unfortunately, there will not be a Seething Airfield Charity Airday this year.”


Shobdon – Was open only to emergency services and military for fuel, etc but in early June it started to move towards re-opening. The airfield plans to be open on Tuesday 9th June, Thursday 11th June and Friday 12th June from 09.00am to 5.00pm BST (0800-1600 UTC). During these times the airfield will be licensed with an AFISO and RFFS service, with fuel available. May also be open on Saturday 13 June… this will be confirmed dependent on how good the weather forecast is next week. The Clubhouse remains closed, but Meg’s Cafe is open for takeaways. During licensed opening hours, flights by visiting aircraft are being accepted, although this is strictly by advance PPR by telephone, and numbers may be managed by limiting a maximum at any one time.

Shoreham – Website notice on 24/03/2020 reads: “The Airfield remains available but with adjusted operational hours (0900 – 1900) from the 24th March, for necessary flights and to support essential emergency services as required. Staffing levels have been reduced to minimum with social distancing measures applied. We have reduced Fire Cover – CAT 1, but may accommodate CAT 2 movements on request subject to 24hrs notice. We continue to operate under Prior Permission Required (PPR) rules. The Terminal building, including the café, is closed to visitors until further notice. JET A1 and AVGAS remain available but with card payment only. Pilots are reminded to monitor NOTAMs for the latest updates. Thank you for your cooperation and please continue to follow all Government advice during these difficult times. If you have to fly, please stay safe.”

Sleap – Nothing yet stated about COVID-19 plans on airfield website (As of 25th March).

Southend – London Southend Airport did not seem to have anything about COVID-19 on its website as of 25th March but seems to be open still as it has some commercial (easyJet) services running. The airline has grounded most of its UK fleet but is running flights to bring British people back from other countries / repatriation flights.

Stapleford – Message on website posted 24th March from head of training Colin Dobney says: “It is with regret that following the Government directive of 23rd March 2020 we will be closing Stapeford Flight Centre airfield for as long as the current restrictions are in place. Clubhouse facilities are also closed for foreseeable future. We will be reviewing the situation daily, and as soon as we get an easing of the current situation we will re-open the airfield for flying operations. We will of course post updates on this webpage to advise accordingly. Feel free to email Captain Colin Dobney (moc.cfsylf@yenbodniloc) if you have any questions. We will do our best to answer.”

St Athan – was transferred on 1st April 2019 from the MoD to civilian airport owned and operated by Cardiff Airport and the Welsh Government. NATS took over ATC early April 2020.

Stornoway – See Inverness (HIAL)

Stow Maries – WWI historic airfield, no mention of COVID-19 on site as of 25th March 2020.

Strathaven – Website states (last checked on 16 June): “Flying lessons at Strathaven Airfield are now halted, in line with government advice. The airfield is also closed to visiting aircraft and there are strict rules for based pilots (see website). While the airfield is still open, we simply cannot operate the flying school. Two strangers sitting extremely close to each other definitely does not comply with essential ‘social distancing’.
Rest assured, the airfield and the flying school are financially sound and will still be here once this crisis is under control.”

Sturgate – Deputy Airport Manager told GAAC on 31st March that the airfield and Lincoln Aero Club are “closed until further notice.”

Sumburgh – See Inverness (HIAL)

Swansea – A pop-up on the website as at 25th March said: “FLY SWANSEA.
We aim to help the most vulnerable and those who have been hit the hardest by the current restrictions placed on us for the greater good.” It invited visitors to donate to a COVID-19 fund.

Sywell – NOTAM issued 3rd April 2020 lasting to the end of the month says “Aerodrome not available to aircraft requiring the use of a licensed aerodrome. AFIS and RFFS not available.”

Tatenhill – Nothing evident on website on 25th March relating to COVID-19.

Thruxton – Posted Notice on 24th March in ‘What’s On’ section of site stating: “Due to the Coronavirus and following Government orders Thruxton Airport is closed until further notice. Please check in a few weeks either this website or NOTAMS to see when we are open again.”

Tiree – Closed apart for scheduled flights. See also under Inverness (HIAL)

Turweston – Was closed (except for essential services) by 19th March 2020 but a new post on the airfield’s website on 16th May said it is now OPEN, with conditions. Cafe has a takeaway service. Please see their website for more information. In summary, it states that “flights of home-based and visiting aircraft are permitted under the government and CAA guidelines… Visiting pilots please email or complete the PPR form  providing date of visit, aircraft registration, field of departure, ETA, ETD, and refuelling requirements.”

Wellesbourne Mountford – News & Events tab on website repeats NOTAM: “FROM 20/03/24 09:00 TO 20/04/14 09:00 AERODROME CLOSED TO ALL NON-ESSENTIAL MOVEMENTS. TO ARRANGE FUEL OR AFIS FOR ANY ESSENTIAL MOVEMENTS CONTACT 01789 842007 OR 07860 816196.”

Welshpool – As at 25th March there was nothing evident on the airport’s website about COVID-19.

White Waltham – Return to Flying Training notice posted on 4th July 2020 outlines procedures e.g. medical declaration to be signed before flying, need to bring PPE and sanitiser, all PPL students need own headsets, cleaning aircraft, etc. Passengers not be allowed on training flights (unless a Guardian is required for a minor). Air Traffic Services may not be available. The Clubhouse is open for food and drink but with fewer tables, but there is seating outside also. WLAC offered extensions of 6 months on all trial lessons purchased after the 23rd March 2019. Visiting pilot information is here:

Wickenby – No COVID-19 mention on website as of 25th March.

Wick John O’Groats – See Inverness (HIAL)

Wolverhampton (Halfpenny Green) – Airfield informed GAAC on Thursday 4th June that the airport is now fully open at weekends 09.30 – 16.00hrs. Outside of this, an Out of Hours procedure is available subject to strict PPR and certain conditions (please check the airfield website and NOTAMs). Fuel is available at all times subject to the above and PPR.


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